Evaluation of land use planning and implimentation With respect to environmental issues in sululta Town

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Addis Ababauniversity


Urban land use plan is a tool to guide and manage the growth of cities/towns in a planned manner. The soul of land use plan lies in the preparation and its implementation, if not people are trapped in a mess of urban problems particularly environmental problems. The land use plans have been prepared for several towns of Ethiopia; however, its preparation and implementation is found at infant stage due to host of reasons and Sululta is the one. Thus, the researcher concerned with the evaluation of land use planning and implementation with respect to environmental issues in Sululta town. In this regard, poor waste management, incompatible and unsuitable land use allocation and implementation, low level of awareness of private investors, limited knowledge and skill of municipality, the abundant distribution of quarrying areas, misuse of wetlands, were the major problems. Therefore, the economical, social, aesthetical, recreational and ecological values the town would get were adversely affected. Thus, this research was conducted in order to evaluate the major land use conflicts and environmental problems of the existing land use plan and implementation with respect to environment in the study area. Specifically, the study focuses on issues like urban greenery, solid and liquid waste management, quarrying activities and pollution in order to curb the problems. Based on these objectives the researcher discussed the issues of land use planning and its implementation with respect to environment in the study area. Accordingly, land uses like housing, commerce, road network were proposed on environmental sensitive areas, wetland. As well as incompatibly and unsuitably land use proposal of industrial area, abattoir and dump site and the elongated shape of the town which is difficult for the provision of infrastructure were identified. Moreover, the study boldly rationalize that the misuse of urban greenery, dumpsite, abattoir, industrial development and quarrying activities during plan implementation. These may result various environmental problems such as pollution and destruction of natural resources which adversely affects the recreational ecological, aesthetic and social-cultural values of the town. Finally, the researcher concluded that there were contributing factors to the infectively prepared and implemented land use plan particular emphasis to environment in the study area. The external factors like community, investors and private participation, shortage of commitment of officials as well as internal factors such as experience and disciplinary gap of the plan preparation team were contributed to the limited quality of the plan. Moreover, the effectiveness of the plan implementation were hindered by lack of policy and commitment of officials, shortage of implementation tools, skilled man power and community awareness Key terms: - land use planning, plan implementation, environmental problems



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