The Effect of Event Sponsorship on Customers Purchase Intention The Case of Diageo, Meta Abo Brewery S.C.

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to explain the effect of event sponsorship on customers purchase intentions, the case of Diageo, Meta Abo Brewery. As sponsorship has become a most frequently used by companies to engage with their potential consumers, it needs to ascertain the effect that it sets on purchase intention. The research intended to answer ‘Does event sponsorship have an influence on consumers purchasing intentions? And four hypotheses’ was formulated based on four independent variables chosen. In order to do so explanatory research was conducted with the aim of ascertain the extent and nature of cause and effect relationships, to conduct this study both primary and secondary sources of data was used. The primary source of data was the gathered response of attendees through questionnaires and the secondary data used was different materials; journals and different articles that were helpful in the process of analyzing and interpretation of the collected data. Percentage, table, and graphs are used to process and analyze the collected data also correlation and regression analysis was implemented to assess the significant differences in event sponsorship determinants. Based on the analysis undertaken, detailed studied independent variables/attitude towards the brand, fan involvement, good will and brand image/ that have significant influence on the dependent variables/ purchase intention. Among the variables ‘attitude towards the brand’ has the highest score in linear regression, which implies that consumers intention to purchase is highly and significantly influenced by the attitude they have towards the brand. It is highly recommended that marketing managers should incorporate event sponsorship in their marketing strategy, as it has a meaningful and measurable significant positive effect towards influencing purchase intention of their customers.



event sponsorship, attitude towards the brand, fan involvement