Assessment of Tourism Facilities, Opportunities and Challenges in the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia has a lot of Tourism attractions which includes all types (natural, man-made and cultural). Regardless of the attractions availability, in the country, tourism development is low due to the tourism facilities under development. Bale Mountains National Park which endowed with miracles natural attractions also lacks expected tourism development and contributes minimum amount to the country’s economy due to government’s low investment towards providing sufficient tourism facilities. The challenge herein is not merely providing the necessary facilities to sustain tourism activities but rather a pro-active approach towards establishing and subsequently maintaining the facilities at its optimal level. The aim of this paper therefore is to identify critical aspects that need to be in place to further enhance the Bale Mountains National Park tourism development. Thus, this research examine practices in tourism infrastructures, services and promotions development, identifies gaps, analyzes the current infrastructures, services and promotion of the park and recommends a framework for identifying, prioritizing, and funding tourism-specific infrastructures, services and promotions of the destination tourism development. If the park management and other concerned bodies implement the result of this research with the utilization of the opportunities, tourism facilities will get progress. Key words: Tourism, Infrastructure, Service and Promotion