The Assessment of the Alignment of Project Design and Implementation with Strategic Management in Bank of Abyssinia Prepared

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Addis Ababa University


This research aims to study the alignment of project design & implementation with strategy management that is critical for optimality of portfolio of projects in view of the adopted strategy by any entity. The general objective of the study to assess the extent of the alignment of project management process with strategy management process of BOA. The specific objective of study is to study the alignment of project conception with strategic themes of the organization, the alignment of project feasibility with corresponding strategic objective, alignment of project implementation plan with functional plan of pertinent operational unit, the alignment of project monitoring & evaluation with strategy. This research has taken BOA as case organization, which is under strategic transformation to assess the practical alignment of the PM and SM process that are owned by distinct Departments. The study adopts descriptive research design in order to assess perspective of its respondents that are 38 in number, who have high level of involvement in the two closely related processes. Overall, findings of the research indicate that there is limited participation of concerned Departments particularly at early stage of project life cycle. This limits the desired level of alignment of the two critical processes that in turn affects project performance. Moreover, these concerned parities lack one unifying party (particularly for non –IT related projects) that coordinate and collaborate them towards common goal/vision of the organization i.e. the ultimate goal of every project of BOA. Consequently, the study proposes plausible solutions for the identified gaps that enable BOA to realize its vision effectively and efficiently.



project initiation, project feasibility, project implementation plan, project monitoring & evaluation, Strategy themes, Strategic objective