Marketing Public Relations: In the DH GEDA Business Group

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Addis Ababa University


This research sought to examine the status and role of public relations in a private business organization with a focus of DH Geda Trade and Industries PLC. Public relations practice go a long way in creating unimaginable reputation for the organization. The study employed mixed approach. Primary and secondary data relevant for the study was generated through structured questionnaire and in-depth interview. The target population for the study was 76. The study sample was a total of 32 respondents comprising of 29 permanent employees and 3 managers. Purposive sampling technique were used to select the research sites (DH Geda Trade and Industries PLC), while a simple random sampling techniques were used to select the respondents. Descriptive method of data analysis was used. The data obtained from the study were presented and analyzed thematically. The findings shows that the organization did not implement marketing public relation strategy and functions and also they do not use any social media and online communication systems, rather they works more on marketing activities like managing sales teams, leading the staff members, communicating and somehow promoting and advertising organizational products on broadcast media. In terms of smooth or good relationship with its publics as well as building trust and reputations by taking corporate social responsibilities in the company are in question. Based on the survey findings, the researcher concluded that in DH GEDA Business Groups, Marketing Public Relations Strategy were not practiced in a proper way. To overcome the stated problems the researcher recommends that there is a need to provide training support as well as awareness creation to all employees and management teams, regarding Marketing Public Relations Strategies, functions and activities. Key words: Public Relations (PRs), Integrated Marketing Communication (ICM), Marketing Public Relations (MPR)



Public Relations (PRs), Integrated Marketing Communication (ICM), Marketing Public Relations (MPR)