Investigation Into Some of The Engineering Properties of Red Clay Soils In Bahir Dar.

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Addis Ababa University


Despite Geotechnical research has not been done in Bahir Dar, from reconnaissance, the majority of the town is covered by red soils comparing to the black soils. The red clay soils are dominantly found in the eastern and western parts of the town. An investigation has been made on the properties of red soils obtained, from locally called 'Abay mado' (Kebele 11), in the eastern part of the town where the expansion is very high for development. Hence the present research is intended to investigate some of the engineering properties of red clay soils in Bahir. After visiting the proposed site, six test pit points were selected. The numbers of test pits were limited because of the constraint in budget and time. Representative disturbed and undisturbed soil samples were collected from open pits by direct excavation manually. The laboratory tests that were carried out includes mineralogical analysis, index properties, consolidation, and shear strength tests and with the aid of these results an analysis is made to determine some characteristics of red clay soils. 10 The laboratory result shows the red clay soils in Bahir Dar contain the clay mineral kaolinite predominantly. The data resulted from the test is inadequate to provide correlation that relate index properties with shear strength parameters and compressibility characteristics.



Bahir Dar