Practices and Challenges of Leadership Development in Addis Ababa City Government Education Bureau

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the practice and challenges of leadership development in Addis Ababa City Government Education Bureau. To carry out this study a descriptive design was employed. The Participants in the study were 143 educational experts, 79 government secondary school principals and 15 sub cities and City Administration of Addis Ababa Education Bureau core process owners. Both qualitative and quantitative method were employed in order to reach to the results. The data were collected using a questionnaire and interview. Data obtained through questionnaire were analyzed, summarized using statistical tools and entered into Statistical Package for the Social science (SPSS Version 21.0) software analysis; frequency count, Percentage, mean and standard deviation were conducted. The finding shows leadership development practice in identifying the need assessment of employee based on their working environment and individuals were not properly implemented, leadership development practice activities on challenging developmental assignment, relationship with boss, and formal training implementation were insufficient.Concerning leadership development strategies, the Addis Ababa City Government Education Bureau mostly uses participative, directive and negotiating strategies and rarely uses expert and educative strategies in leadership development practice. Finally, it was recommended that the Education Bureau would plan a systematic individual and organizational leadership development gap analysis at different level using the appropriate methods by taking the given context in to consideration,form a concerned leadership development department to further strengthen the existing leadership development practices, and identify the leadership development skill gaps of the leaders help to plan and conduct efficient that promote the City Government Education Bureau to a better level that produce quality output for better future generation.



Challenges, Leadership Development