The Effect of Telecom Investment Fund through Universal Access Program in the Development of Rural Connectivity (A Case Study at Ethio Telecom)

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The study aims to look into the correlation between telecom investment fund, the universal access program, and the rural connectivity development. It is also analyzing the effects of universal access fund through the universal access program to the development of rural connectivity. Since the time which Ethiopia introduces the first telecommunication service in 1886 E.C., the telecom service has passed through different stages of growth, from the earlier long line connectivity between Dire-dawa and Addis following the railway development to the current wireless network. However, no specific study has been conducted locally regarding the rural telecom access development enablers. i.e.: - the universal access program, and telecom investment fund. This study has reviewed the theoretical and empirical views of the related literatures done for other countries, and develops a conceptual model that shows the relationships between dependent and independent variables. It has also uses the descriptive analysis technique and the research undertaken here has shown that the Universal Access Fund and Universal Access Program have a positive relation with rural connectivity development. The study has recommended the regulatory authority to have its own access program, telecom investment fund policy framework, and rural connectivity development document.



Effect Of Telecom Investment, Universal Access Program, Development Of Rural Connectivity, Development Of Rural Connectivity