The Causes and Effects of Employees’ Turnover:- The Case of Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise

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Addis Ababa University


This study assessed the employee’s turnover the case of Oromia Water works Design and Supervision Enterprise with the objectives of identifying different factors that are affecting and aggravating employee's turnover. Mixed research approach was used to describe the situation. Both probability and none probability sampling were used to select respondents and data gathered from both primary and secondary sources. Thus, survey, interview, and document review were used to gather the data. Systematic and purposive samplings were used to select the study participants. The findings of the study shows that terms of employment, favorable government policy an external market, lack of result oriented promotion and motivation, working environments and conditions are factors affecting employees turnover of the Enterprise. Loss in competition on market, costs of recruiting and training employees, loss of profit as a result of lack of timely deliverance of required service to customers, a combination of one or more stated effects come on the enterprise. Implementing BPR and other reforms, among efforts made by the Enterprise to reduce the effects employees turnover. In addition employing freelancers and working with different universities, employing engineers from aboard, building the capacity of internal workers to enhance their performance on work are among efforts made by the Enterprise to reduce the effects employees' turnover. In general, the enterprise could strengthen efforts stated to reduce effects of turnover. Hence, establishing incentive mechanism to encourage employees according to the weight job enrichment, job enlargement, participating employees in decision making and accepting their constructive views in solving the problem and leading the enterprise, Proper treatment of employees will increase responsibility and enhanced pay, fair promotion. Giving recognition for significant accomplishment, chance of advancement and giving opportunity to grow and career development has to be taken in to consideration. Improving working environments develop system of filling a vacant position by a person who already employed in the enterprise through upraising the employee currently holding the position is also important. Transferring an employee from a less desirable to a rewarding job elsewhere in the enterprise depending on employees fulfillment of the necessary skill, competence and education needed for the positions are among the given recommendations. Key words: employees, turnover, human resource management



employees, turnover, human resource management