Assessment of the Reproductive Health Needs of Unmarried Out-of-school Adolescents in Amhara Region South Wollo Zone, Dessie Zuria woreda

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Addis Ababa University


Assessment of reproductive health needs of unmarried out- of- school adolescents who are 10-19 years is required to prepare them as a responsible and healthy persons at later life.423 samples respondents selected from Dessie Zuria Woreda by stratified systematic random sampling method were interviewed, Majority of respondents knows about physical changes during puberty. There is poor knowledge about risk of conception during menstruation. Knowledge about legal age at marriage is at moderate level but more among females than males. Majority believed that any intercourse will not result in pregnancy. Though problem of premarital sex is known, first sexual intercourse (38 percent) happened at mean age of 16 years. Abortion and rape are known to majority of respondents. Correct knowledge about contraception is known to more males than females. Injectables, oral pills and condom are known in higher proportion. Knowledge about STI and HIV is at relatively moderate and low level respectively. Knowledge on modes of HIV transmission is at very low level. Health extension workers are the major source of knowledge on reproductive health matters. Knowledge on RH matters does not differ significantly between male and female adolescents. Less knowledge about availability of health centre and less accessibility to health centre are observed. Treatment seeking behavior of adolescents has to be improved. There is a need to create awareness about the importance of later age at marriage; knowledge on risk of conception, safe period, contraception, avoiding premarital sex, and mode of transmission of STI/ HIV. In addition to the general population, Muslims, literates and those in low standard of living needs more attention in providing information on RH matters through lEC programmes to be implemented by governmental, non-governmental and community based organizations.



Reproductive Health Needs