Effectiveness of the Communication Approaches and Messages of DKT Ethiopia: The case of DKT Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


DKT Ethi op ia is comm itt ed to e nh ancin g th e family planning and reproductive health status of women , men , and youn g peop le of Et hi op ia, parti cu larl y by continuin g to increase access to quality fa mil y planning serv ices a nd expand the m arket for contraceptives ac ross publi c and private secto rs by soc ial mark et in g program . Thi s study was conducted to exa min e the effectiven ess of the communicatio n approaches and messages of DKT Ethi op ia. This stud y was co nducted to examin e how DKT Ethi op ia used com muni cati o n m a teri als during February 20 16 - Apri ll 2016 . For th is resea rch Add is Ketema , Ko lfe Keranyo and A kaki Kality sub c iti es in Add is Aba ba were purpose full y selected for analysi s. Both quantit at ive a nd qualitative methods were used as a major researc h method used in the stud y a nd hence 300 questionnaires ( for e nd users of products of DKT Ethiopia) , 30 hea lth profess ion als ( each consists of 10 fr o m the se lec ted sub city) , 10 DKT Staffs and 45 media profess ion als ( 20 from EBC , 15 from FB C a nd 10 from Sheger FM 10 2. 1 ) were distributed a nd analyzed . In ord er to make the data inhe re nt a nd so lid , interviews were co nducted with se lected pr imalY target groups of DKT Eth iop ia . The stud y un covered a numbe r of maj or findings w hi ch have implication s for. soc ial marketin g alid prac tice in the capita l - Add is Ababa , in c ludin g: th e inte rve nti on needs so me impro vemen t on both tec hn ologically and sc ientifi ca ll y, less profess io nal in vo lve me nt o n th e producti on of IEC/POP materi a ls an d advel1 isements, wi th marked c ultura l a nd religiou s variation s; the app li cabi l ity of so me of te lev is ion an d radio advert isements leads to dangerous sexual be havio r pa tte rn s.



DKT Ethiopia