In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Arts in Regional and Local Development Studies

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Addis Ababauniversity


This research tries to as sess household water supply and factors affecting consumption levels in Mekelle town. It is with the main objective of assessing the water supply problems and major factors that affect household per capita water consumption in the town. To achieve this, relevant data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The major primary instrument of data for the study was household questionnaire survey. A sample of 200 households was selected using systematic random sampling method from four "Tabias' and responses of the questionnaire survey were entered into SPSS and STATA Software for analysis. As found out, mean daily p er capita water consumption of sample households with private connection (group 1), households with out private connection (group 2), and households with private connection and water vendors (group 3) is 49.5 l/c/ d, 11.9 l/c/d and 83.9 l/c/d respectively. Daily per capita water consumption of those households who do not have their own private connection is 11.9 liters. This is lower than the amount specified by Ministry of Water Resource (1996) which was 20 liters of water p er person p er day and far lower than the WHO standard (45 1/ c/ d). The result of regression analysis indicated that average income of household heads, household size, presence of meter connection, and flu sh toilet are statistically s ignificant to explain the variation in daily per capita water consumption among households in the town. Hence, income, presence of meter connection and flush toilet are positively related to mean daily water consumption p er capita (Y). On the other hand, household size is negatively related to mean daily water consumption p er capita (Y). Therefore for appropriate water supply projection, a detail study on the physical and socio-economic factors affecting per capita water consumption are desirable. Key words: Supply, Phys ical, Socio-economic, Household, Per capita, Consumption, Daily



Supply, Phys ical, Socio, economic, Household, Per capita, Consumption, Daily