Perception of Selected Stakeholders on the Role of NGOs in Local Development: the Case Study of Kirkos Sub-City in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa University


Non-governmental organizations are one of the development actors. In developing countries like ours, where poverty affected the lives of many people, their contribution is tremendous. The collaboration and networking of actors and common understanding on legal and policy issues between NGO’s/CSO’s and the government are not yet developed. Therefore, the general objective of this study is to assess the perception of selected stakeholders on the role of NGOs in local development in kirkos sub-city of Addis Ababa. In order to achieve the objective, the research method employed was descriptive case study. Through the use of primary and secondary data sources the researcher has gathered the necessary information. The survey questionnaire was used to gather the relevant quantitative data. The qualitative data were gathered through in-depth interviews, key informants and personal observations. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive method of analysis. Several researches were done on NGOs contribution to the local development in Addis Ababa, but this research focuses on NGOs contribution in Kirkos sub city, and since the findings on NGOs contribution shows mixed result the topic still demands further research. The major findings are that the contribution of NGOs in Kirkos sub-city in the areas of women economic empowerment, health, education and child development is remarkable but based on the governments urban poverty reduction and development plan there is less or no intervention in areas of environmental intervention, microfinance, and local institutions capacity building. Due to lack of baseline survey and research NGOs/Charities are working in similar and limited areas. Income generation and local resource mobilization are not implemented adequately. There are some efforts with regard to NGOs collaboration among themselves and net-working but it is not satisfactorily implemented. There are misunderstandings on legal and policy issues between the NGOs and the government



NGOs, Stakeholders