Analysing the E-Public Relation; The Case of Ethiopian Tourism Organization

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Public Relations is considered as one of the important factors for the development and growth of tourism. With the currently popular form of communication evolves e-PR from traditional PR which is the general objective of the study. This research is aimed to analyse the e-PR in the case of Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO). This study has employed case study design and followed both qualitative and quantitative research approach. Content analysis, semi-structured interview and online analytics were employed as data collection instruments. The study employed purposive sampling. The interviewees were selected purposefully for the positions and relevance they have to the interview. A total of 3 officials were interviewed (i.e. the senior public relations, the head of digital PR and senior marketing). The contents from two social media sites (Twitter and Facebook) were selected based on the peak season for tourists to visit. Besides this, the official website of ETO has been analysed. The data gathered was interpreted thematically and described 008/-both in figures and words. The result of the study shows that the organizations although has begun using the e-PR platform, it is not yet privileged with the qualities it needs to possess. The analysis shows the strategies and activities of the PR department are at its infancy stage. The digital PR department of the organization is more engaged one-way communication more than two-way communication. The official web site is not adequately designed and is not interactive as it is supposed to.



Public Relations