Effects of Material Procurement Processes on the Timely Delivery of Construction Project: The Case of Addis Ababa Condominium Houses

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Addis Ababa University


When a construction project is finished on schedule, within the allocated budget, and with the agreed-upon quality, in accordance with the specifications, and to the satisfaction of the stakeholders, it is often regarded as a success. The goal of the study is to examine how construction project performance (PP) in Addis Ababa (A.A) condominium homes is impacted by procurement procedures for building materials in the case of Bole Arabsa (B.A). The study is an explanatory research type based on its purpose and focused on a critical assessment of finding effect of construction material procurement on condominium construction project. The study included mixed types of qualitative and quantitative data, and those data were analyzed and interpreted with descriptive statistics and simple quantitative techniques. According to the analysis, the independent variables, including planning, purchasing, handling, logistics, stock, and waste control, have a significant impact on the dependent variable, as indicated by a strong relationship (regression coefficient of 93.6%). Though the adjusted R-square implies D.V is affected by 85.7% of the I.V. Also 76.3% of the time the project office uses a restricted bidding system for material procurement. Incorporating evidence from literature reviews, and a questionnaire survey, this study recommends that, to increase the PP economic, time, quality, environmental, and innovative performance of condominium house constructions in A.A, the AACAGHDO should give more attention to material procurement practices in order to have improved PP of future condominium house constructions. Secondly, the office should also give attention to creating an understanding of how material procurement planning has a significant role on condominium construction PP



Project performance, Material procurement practice