Impact of internal factors in strategy implementation, the case of Wegagen bank S.C

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Strategic management is becoming order of the day in many Ethiopian banks committing substantial resources even hiring foreign consultants at higher price that will be paid in hard currency. The perception seems having formulated strategy will solve everything without giving much thought on other components of strategic management. This study examined internal factors that affect strategy implementation in Wegagen Bank S.C taking samples from head office units and districts as well as branches located in Addis Ababa. Since the staffs at head office, districts, and branches contains a heterogeneous collection of members with different vested interests, orientations, values, and philosophy, the target population is clustered in three groups (head office,district,and branch staffs). Representativeness of the sample respondents was assured by using cluster random sampling design technique. The variables used in the study were sourced from different theoretical as well as empirical literatures. Since the research data source was primary, structured questionnaire was used as field survey method to collect data.. Since Likert scale data was applied in developing questionnaire for the variables used in the study, both descriptive and inferential statistics is used in analyzing responses of the questionnaire that includes frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, ANOVA, and multiple linear regression with the support of SPSS version 20. Majority of the respondents were male, holder of a first degree and above, and having more than three years of experience in supervisory or above management position. Based on the descriptive analysis and correlational results for the independent variables, the study showed that resource allocation, organizational structure, leadership style, staff competence, organizational culture, and management information system were found having strong influence in strategy implementation at Wegagen bank. Based on the results of the study, concluding remarks as well as ways forward were drawn.


A Thesis Submitted To The School Of Graduate Studies Of Addis Ababa University In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Degree Of Executive Masters Of Business Administration


Internal factors of strategy implementation, Strategy implementation, Strategic management