The Implementation of Continuous Professional Development Portfolio in Primary Schools of Boneya-Boshe Woreda, East Wollega Zone, Oromiya Region

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Addis Ababa University


The researcher’s purpose of conducting this study was to assess the practices of CPD portfolio in professional development of primary schools in Boneya-Boshe Woreda. To realize these purposes, five basic questions were asked. To address these questions the descriptive survey designwas employed. Five (5) educational office experts, 5 principals and 2 vice principal were selected by available sampling technique and 5 schools and 43 teachers were selected by simple random sampling technique. Quantitativedata were obtained through questionnaire from 43 teachers in five primary schools. For interview data it was done with 5 principals and 2 vice principals, and 5 woreda education officers, focus group discussion with 5 lead teachers and also from document analysis. The interview and document analysis were conducted to cross check the information obtained through questionnaires. The quantitative data were organized, tallied, and tabulated and then analyzed by using percentages and descriptive statements. The qualitative data were analyzed as they were understood by the researcher. The results of data analysis’ and interpretation indicated that poor training, insufficient knowledge of lead teachers, lack of support and motivation and lack of follow-up activities from the relevant educational authorities and lack of commitment and initiative on part of the teachers have affected teachers in using portfolios for the improvement of classroom instruction. Due to major limitations mentioned above, the participants lacked abilities and knowledge to reflect on their plans, were unable to show the process of learning activities and the evidences in changing their practices and students’ performance in their portfolios, lacked ability to identify the purposes of assessment and evaluation methods to assess the progress of students as well as teachers and were unable to use the feedbacks provided to teachers for the contribution of enhanced learning. These were the major problems of teachers observed in this study. Therefore, it is apparent that the practices of portfolios have very little contribution in enhancing the CPD activities and quality of education. No teaching methods and different activities had been observed in their portfolios which led the students to think critically and solve problems. On the basis of these major findings, conclusions were made in chapter five. Finally, recommendations were suggested.



implementation of Continuous Professional Development