Impact of Success Factors on HIV/AIDS projects performance: The case of International NGOs Operating in Ethiopia

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HIV /AIDS is still the leading cause of death throughout the world especially in the developing countries. To combat this disease, the Ethiopian government has been working with INGOs. These INGOs are one of IDPs funded by international donors mainly working with poverty alleviation, health, education, agriculture, food, security, trade, private sector development and institutional capacity building in developing countries. Successful performance of these international NGOs has one in been instrumental in achieving the target of HIV/AIDS prevention program. This is determined by how well the project is managed which is a process of planning, organizing, directing, controlling and follow-ups. This study is aimed to analyze success factors and criteria in the management of HIV/AIDS projects run by international NGOs operating in Ethiopia. The study employed descriptive research design to answer the research questions self-administered semi structured questionnaires were used to collect data and analyzed using SPSS Version 20.0. The study identified five success factors for projects funded by international NGOs: clear allocation of role and function among staff and management, Implementation of monitoring and evaluation, Characteristics of health care provider, competency of professions and transparent and functional decision making procedure within the NGO. Among the five success factors identified characteristics of health care providers and Implementation of monitoring and evaluation have statistically significant relationship with success criteria. The study also ranked relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact respectively as success criteria among stakeholders. Relevance is ranked first as important indicator of success criteria in all groups while variation was observed among other indicators of success criteria between government and NGO staff.


A Research Project Report Submitted to Addis Ababa University Faculty of Business and Economics in the partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Masters of Science in Total Quality Management and organizational Excellence (TQM & OE)


HIV/AIDS, International development projects, Success criteria, Success factors