The Relationship Between Premarital Preparation and Marital Satisfaction: With Reference to the Mothers of Students of Nisir new Generation School in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study is to examine the differences, between married women with and without premarital preparation, with regard to the issues of marital satisfaction, communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and commitment in their respective family lives. For the purpose of this study 100 married women were selected of whom half had premarital orientation and the other half had none. Lottery technique was used in selecting the participants. For data collection questionnaires with 64 items were used. For data analysis the researcher employed t-test to examine the two groups. Furthermore, one way ANOVA was used to determine whether or not marital satisfaction, communication, conflict resolution, intimacy and commitment are in anyway affected by socio demographic characteristics such as age, monthly income, level of education and number of children. The study results indicated that (1) those with premarital preparations were generally effective in creating and managing more stable and peaceful family lives than those without premarital preparation, and (2) none of the other socio demographic characteristics had any different on the five issues mention the analyzed. Based on the results some of the finding are forward



Addis Ababa