The Integrated Approach: A Quest for Enhancing Justiciability of Socio-economic Rights under the Ethiopian Constitution

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Addis Ababa University


Socio-economic rights are newly emerging areas of human rights. These rights are forgotten for many decades at the global, regional and even primarily on the national fora compared to civil and political rights. This research is aimed at enhancing the justiciability of socioeconomic rights enunciated in the FDRE Constitution by operationalizing the notion of indivisibility, interdependency and interrelatedness of the two grand categories of human rights through integrated approach. It looks at whether the same Constitution creates a workable environment for the integrated approach to give impetus to the enhanced justiciability of these forgotten rights on our national fora. This aspect of justiciability views socio-economic rights from civil and political rights dimensions for the latter rights are precise and not contended on their justiciability at the domestic arena. It further looks into the justiciability of these rights even within the same family of rights so as to boost their justiciability with ease. This is devised due to the vagueness, generality, and the terseness of constitutionally guaranteed socio-economic rights and the absence of subordinate legislations giving effect to constitutional and treaty-based human rights obligations. Therefore, the Ethiopian Courts should look for drawing inspirations from the jurisprudence of other jurisdictions and utilize the potential of integrated approach that uses the notions of indivisibility and interdependency of human rights in order to advance the justiciability and enjoyment of socio-economic rights via judicial protection for whom these forgotten rights are promised.



Indirect Justiciability; Integrated approach; Indivisibility; Interdependence; Interrelatedness of human rights.