African Diaspora Engagement to their Home Countries: A Comparative Analysis between Ethiopia and Nigeria

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Addis Ababa University


Because of precious role of diasporain development, the African Union has recognized diaspora as its sixth region. For the continent having a financing gap of $67.6-$107.5 billion diaspora engagement is one of the most essential matters that requires cohesive policies and road map. The actual engagement of African diaspora to their home countries are not synchronized with its potential resources. With regard to these facts, this study sought to explore gaps in African diaspora engagement to their home countries (with special emphasis of Ethiopia and Nigeria). Questionnaires and interviews are used as tools of the study. Extensive desk reviews were also employed to explore how home countries leverage their overseas population. In documentary review techniques policies, institutions and actions that shape Diaspora engagement has discussed. The study reveals that Nigeria has institutions that are more robust, better financial system, better diaspora community organizations than Ethiopia, which enables Nigeria to have better engagement of diaspora in Africa. It also disclosed fragile diaspora institutions, malaise of domestic politics, insubstantial financial system and some others factors are identified as factors that underutilized diaspora engagement in Ethiopia. This study recommends that establishing feasible diaspora institutions and fixing financial systems are the forefront issues that Ethiopia should deals to intensify its diaspora engagement. It is necessary to improve state-diaspora relations, which as strong spill over effects on diaspora engagement. Finally, more research is needed to guide means of structuring diaspora institutions and mapping in a less expensive manner. Key Words: Diaspora, Development, Diaspora Engagement, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Diaspora Engagement Typologies.



Diaspora, Development, Diaspora Engagement, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Diaspora Engagement Typologies.