Identification of Causes for Late Completion of Federal Road Projects in Ethiopia and Suggested Remedial Measures

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Addis Ababa University


Road is the biggest infrastructure of any country be it developed or developing, due to the fact that it requires huge investment for its construction and that the end result serves a great deal and eases human day to day life. With the advent of the liberalization of the economy and availability of funds from international financers, there has been a surge of large-scale civil engineering construction in the Ethiopian construction industry. This is particularly evident in the road sector, where the Ethiopian government, has been investing a substantial amount of money with the assistance of International financers like the World Bank and so on. Nevertheless, the construction sector is suffering greatly because of the many difficult encounters; among this late completion of road projects is one and being the major cause of additional cost, as per the current data more than 20% of road construction projects have extended time period than the originally anticipated completion date. Whether in local or International contract projects, the issue of delay remains the same. In this regard therefore, the objectives of this thesis are to investigate the causes of these late completions of road projects and to propose a possible remedy as to the handling of similar incidents in the future. Similar studies have been previously conducted different recommendations has been given. However, because the problem still exists and is harming the sector, it is still necessary to look through the previous studies and recommendations and conduct further studies based on recent information. In view of the above, Ninety variables for delay were identified through review of literature and personal experience. Towards identification of critical factors and possible solutions, questionnaire had been distributed to professionals who have experience in road construction projects in Ethiopia. The variables are then ranked in their order of importance in three sets based on the responses from the client, consultants and contractors. Moreover, case studies of ten road projects under the Federal Government which can be taken as an example for delayed projects has also been studied in order to investigate their major reason for the extension of their contract period. And these causes are correlated with the findings of the questionnaire and finaly remedial measures have been given. As a result, from the case studies and collected questionnaire it can be concluded that there is strong agreement in ranking of variables. From each set of the three rankings the top twenty-five are selected to be critical ones. Hence, for these critical factors possible solutions have also been recommended. IDENTIFICATION OF CAUSES FOR LATE COMPLETION OF FEDERAL ROAD PROJECTS IN ETHIOPIA AND SUGGESTED REMEDIAL MEASURES 2016 vi Adiam Atfraw MSc in Construction Technology and Management Key Words Contract Duration, Delay Variables and Claim, Late Completion (delay) and Road.



Contract Duration; Delay Variables and Claim; Late Completion (delay) and Road.