Organizational Climate and Employees’ Organizational Commitment In Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The favorable organizational climate is one of the factors which affect employee’s behavior. Studies in the organizational psychology and organizational behavior literatures have shown that organizational climate and employee commitment are major factors to the organizational Success. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between organizational climate and employee’s organizational commitment. The research is cross-sectional survey and co relational study in research design. The research approach applied for this study was quantitative approach in nature .The target population of this study was employees of commercial bank of Ethiopia Addis Ababa area, specifically Northern district. From1796 total population of the Northern district branches of Addis Ababa, 200 employees were selected as the sample of the study. The simple random sampling method was used to the respondents. The standardized questionnaires of organizational climate and organizational commitment were adapted and modified from previous standard questionnaire. To undertake the study, Questionnaires were distributed to 200employees but, response from171 respondent’s responses were found valid for analysis. Correlation analysis and ordinary linear regression was used to analyze the gathered data. The results of the study indicate that organizational climate has a significant positive relationship with employees’ organizational commitment. All climate dimensions used in this study (Trust, Support, Autonomy, Fairness, Reward, and Teamwork) have significant positive relationship organizational commitment. Organizational climate also has significant relationship with the two organizational commitment dimensions (Affective and Normative) but no significant relationship was found with countenance commitment. The regression results show that organizational climate has significant contribution for variably of organizational commitment. Among organizational climate dimensions support and team has highest and lowest contribution for organizational commitment variability respectively. In general the result of the finding indicates that organizational climate has a contribution for the variability of employees’ organizational commitment. Key words: Organizational climate, Organizational commitment



Organizational climate, Organizational commitment