Investigating the Current Challenges and Future Prospects of Football Performance: in Case of Dilla Kenema Football Club

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Addis Abeba university


This study attempted to investigate major challenges and future prospective of football performance in case of Dilla Kenema football club. Using mixed type of research design, it attempted to seek out the problems and challenges affecting the football performance of the club. Both open and close ended questionnaire for 2 coaches and 26 players, semi-structured interview for 5 club officials and observation using check lists was administered to total of 33 deliberately selected subjects from the club members. The data obtained through these tools were analyzed with both quantitatively and qualitatively. Qualitative data were analyzed through description in word and quantitative data were analyzed through table with percent. As the finding of the study indicated that the following major problems were dominant in the Dilla Kenema football club: lack of well organized warming up, cooling down and stretching exercise, deficiency of modern method of coaching technique, tactics, fitness and psychological preparation, insufficient supply of balanced diet and football training materials, lack of encouragement and motivation from coaching staff, club officials and family, the club officials could not be committed to carry out their responsibility. As a general solution to the identified problem the greater emphasis should be given to the coaches and club officials to offer them balanced training for both players and coaches to boost player performance. Supply of balanced diet and football training facilities for the club could be major strategy to address the problems faced. Key words: Performance, Football club, Investigation, Football training, Nutrition and Football training facilities



Performance; Football club; Investigation; Football training; Nutrition and Football training facilities