Assessing Project Monitoring and Evaluation Practice in Ethiopian Public Health Institute: The Case of Center for Disease Control (CDC) Project

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Addis Ababa University


Project management has the task of establishing sufficient controls over a project to ensure that it stays on track towards the achievement of its objectives. This is done through conducting M&E which are crucial components of any projects and also an essential part of public health programs. increases in international funding for health and related projects for public organization like EPHI have been accompanied by increased demand for M&E. however, its not fully grasped to what extent EPHI are practicing M&E and their challenges. Thus, this study was conducted to assess the CDC’s project monitoring and evaluation practice in the Ethiopian Public Health Institute. To this end, a mixed study design approach was used which are a quantitative and qualitative study design by using census as a sampling method since all the participants are included in the study. A quantitative data was collected through administration of questionnaires to project team and Monitoring and evaluation team members and open-ended questionnaires for in depth-interview for DDG, Project managers/Directors, Monitoring and evaluation team lead and different team leads. Data entry and analysis were conducted using SPSS version 21 for quantitative data and ATLAS was used for coding in thematic area and the analysis was relying on descriptive statistics. According to the findings M&E plan integrated with annual plan doing so stakeholders are involved in the process. The purpose of M&E is both for internal use and learning and also donor’s accountability. Project activities are analyzed and reported regular and reported to leadership in time. On the contrary, poor in providing training for project staff and no lesson learning practice. All in all, project monitoring practices of M&E are good. The study found out that the necessary inputs needed to run the CDC projects are present except the policy to support the system. The assessment found out that limited in number of expertise, project staff engagement in another competing activity and unavailability of policies/guidelines are the main challenges.



M&E practice, challenges of M&E practice, Inputs for M&E practice, CDC