A history of dangur Warada, 1905-1991

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Addis Ababa University


The study reconstructs the history of Dangur Warada from 1905-1991. Therefore, this study aims to fill the gap that exists on the history of this Warada. My study began in 1905, that is because beginning from this year onwards the study area became an important center for trade, hunting and slavery along both sides of the Agiiwmedir ofGoJiam on one side and the Ethio-Sudan border on the other. Thejinal date 1991,on the other hand, has been chosen because it marked the end of the military regime. Attempt has been made to synthesize of the comprehensive history of the Warada after liberation period. Postwar period was the turning point in the history of the area. Among other things, the period witnessed the establishment of the Warada and its political center, the restoration of the imperial rule, new administrative structures and developments and introduction of different infrastructures. The relation of the central government with the Gumuz of Dangur Warada has been characterized by peacefol interactions and integration. The study also tried to notice developments that the Warada had experienced during the Derg regime. The new regime introduced several polices and took measures at national level which has its own repercussions and consequences in the socio-economic and political life of the People of the Warada. Such issues are the major areas of emphasis for my study. Finally, the study has tried to show issues in the infrastructural developments in the Warada, a periphery in relation to the Ethiopian state, during the 1mperial and the Darg regime.



history of dangur Warada