Coordination of Care For Orphan and Vulnerable Children in Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Purpose; The general objective of this study was to assess the provision of Coordination of care for orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) in the case Nifas Silk Lafto Sub city. The sub city was chosen based on the service provider’s number in the sub city. According to Ethiopian SSDGL(2010); the basic needs of the OVCs are (7+1); (1) Shelter and care, (2)Food and Nutrition, (3) Health care , (4) Economic Empowerment , (5) Psychosocial Support, (6) Legal Protection and (7) Educational Support, the +1 is the most important component of OVC service provision which is Coordination of Care this component is all about coordinating different services for OVC by network building, resource mobilization and referral linkage to address the whole needs of the OVC. This is because a single sector may not provide all the identified needs of the OVC so Coordination of care is very important. This study assesses the provision of coordination of care for OVC in line with the Quality standards of OVC service provision set by the SSDGL (2010). Method; the study used both qualitative and quantitative research methods for addressing the intended purpose. A total of 131 participants participated (114 for quantitative) and (17 for the .qualitative) One Sample t-test and One way ANOVA was conducted to analyze the quantitative data. Result; the study result indicated that across the service providers in the study which are; Government WYCA, CCC and NGOs there is a statistically significant difference when comparing their mean score on the quality dimensions. There is capacity gap to perform all the quality standards. The CCCs needs more capacity building trainings and the government should support them more. The NGOs in the study scored more on the technical part of the scale and this shows that the coordination needs more functional network to utilize the existing professional resource