The Counseling relationship From the Perspective of Juvenile Offenders: A Descriptive Phenomenological Study

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to provide an in-depth description of the counseling relationship from the vantage point of juvenile offenders. Accordingly, six institutionalized juvenile offenders rving time in Addis Ababa Remand and Rehabilitation Home participated in the study, onsistent with phenomenological methodology, each participant \Va th roughly inter iewed and provided detailed description of the phenomenon of th coun eling relation hip, The main research question was: What are juvenile offenders perceptions of the coun eling relationship? Stemming from this, the major sub-questions which \\'ere explored are: (a) what preconceptions about the relationship have the juvenile offenders held prior thei r engagement in counseli ng? , (b) what are juvenile offenders' experiences in their counseling relationships? (c) what aspects of the relationship are meaningful for the juvenile offenders? (d) what thoughts and feelings have the juvenile offenders attached \\ ith the counsel ing relationship'?, (e) How does the counseling relationship contribute to improvements inju enile offenders' behaviors?, and (I) I 10\\ ha\ ~ the ju\'enilc offe nders perceived their relationship with the counselor as it progre ed frol11 lirst se~sion to the la st session? onsequently se\'en core themes were identified a the s cnces that constituted participants' perceptions of the phenomenon of the counseling relationship: Preconceptions; first sessions; process; counselor's approach; benetit : client's 'elf disclo ure' and end of the counseling relationship, Moreover, under these theme. composite textural-stru ctural description of participants experiences were forwarded to pro\'ide a holistic picture of their perception of the phenomenon, Findings of the study shaded light 011 the counseling. relationship and its importance in correctional settings, Implication: fur concerned bodies are also discussed



Juvenile Offenders; Accordingly