Impact of Project Stakeholders Participation for Project Success: in the Case of Mekdela Amba University First Phase Construction Projects

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Addis Ababa University


In this study, project success was measured by the traditional iron triangle of project success criteria’s: quality, time, cost, and customer satisfaction. The main objectives of this study was to identify the impact of project stakeholder’s participation on project success in the case of Mekdela Amba university first phase construction projects. The study design used for paper was explorative research design with quantitative research approach. The target population in this study were professional from client, consultant, contractors and local community representatives whom took part on the implementation of the different construction projects. Because the study population number was manageable, every stakeholder’s group representatives were participated in this study. The liker scale questionnaires were administrated in hard copy to reach the study population to collect the required data. From the collected data, Descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis were conducted by using SPSS version 26 to analyze data and to present the findings of the study. The findings of this study reveals that every project stakeholder’s participation had significant impact on the success of the first phase construction projects on the Mekdela Amba University. Furthermore, the regression model implies that each project stakeholder group has positive and significant relationship with the dependent variable of project success. Meanwhile, the findings reveal that a strong correlation exists between active stakeholder participation and project success, wherein higher levels of engagement lead to improved project outcomes. The research identified several key drivers of effective stakeholder participation, including clear communication, shared decision-making, and consistent alignment of interests amongst all parties. In conclusion, the research highlights the critical role that stakeholder participation plays in driving project success. The proposed framework provides a practical guide for project managers and organizations to enhance stakeholder engagement, ultimately leading to more successful project outcomes