Preschool Teachers Perception and Practices about the Psychosocial Needs of Early Childhood

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed at investigating the perceptions and practices preschool teachers have to the psychosocial needs of early childhood, the strategies they apply for supporting the children, and challenges encountered not to give support. The study took on qualitative design and a case study research methodology. Data were collected from multiple sources that included 11 preschool teachers who were purposefully selected from two preschools through in-depth interview, observation, and document review. Then the qualitative data content analysis was conducted. The results indicated that teachers had awareness on the different psychosocial problems of early childhood from their experience, not from the training. But teachers did not know how to help the children in organized way and some of the problems that children have are beyond their capacity to help. The teaching strategies that most teachers raised to give psychosocial support are play, stories ,extra care and extra work, counseling the student and partnership with parents. The challenges for not to give support to early childhood that the teachers said were lack of time, knowledge and motivation. And the result of this research implies the recruitment of other professionals like social workers and special need educators and also the training of early child hood teachers in preschools. The findings of this study implied for social work research on having longitudinal studies on the psycho social support that should be made to early childhood



Social Work