Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in Abyssinia Bank

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Addis Ababa University


Customer satisfaction is essential for the success of service firms like banks. Thus, the issue of enhancing the level of customer satisfaction has become the prime focus of service giving firms. The purpose of this study was to know the level of customer satisfaction in the services provided by bank of Abyssinia and it is also to identify the factors that influence customer satisfaction on the banking sector of BOAs, based on customer satisfaction regarding service quality. Five dimensions in service quality such as tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, empathy, and assurance are considered as the base for the analysis of this study. A structured questionnaire with 5 point Likert scale has been used to collect the data by conducting survey. The questionnaire has been personally administered on a sample size of 110 customers who were willing to fill the questioner from a total population of 478,436 BOA customers in 183 branches by taking 10 branches based on convenient sampling method. From 110 sampled respondents taken from 10 branches, 11 for each, a total of 106 respondents were returned the questionnaire. Data has been analyzed by using SPSS software (version: 20). Result of the study showed that 64% of customers in bank of Abyssinia are satisfied with the service of the banks and Tangibility, Assurance, Empathy, sex and number of years as a customer of BOA are significantly and positively influenced customer attitudes in terms of satisfaction that is the three service quality dimensions and the two control variables are crucial for customer satisfaction in bank of Abyssinia. Based on the findings also the researcher recommends the bank to focus on its tangible natures while this dimension have lest mean score when it compared from the others. As well as recommends that the bank to further investigate the main reason of unsatisfied customers and also to focus on the customers who not taking a side weather on satisfied or dissatisfied groups. This paper makes a useful contribution in updating the current customer satisfaction levels of Ethiopian banks. Key words: Customer satisfaction, Bank of Abyssinia, service quality, SERVQUAL Model, BOA Customers



Customer satisfaction, Bank of Abyssinia, service quality, SERVQUAL Model, BOA Customers