Lantana Poisoning in two Administrative Areas of Ereas of Eastern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine


A study was conducted to detenmne the effect of lantana poisoning in eastern Ethiopia by the use of clinical survey, que~tJonna!re survey and controlled experimental trial. For the chnical survey. infonnallon were collected through inten'lew, mspecting the clinical signs, gross and microscopic lesions. dlstnbution &: availability oflhc plant. An overall elmica! prc\"alence during the dry season was 16.7% and was found to be !Significantly higher 10 Haran Region (29.5%) compared to Babile district (8.7%). Furthermore. prevalence rlie (39.9~o) 10 Erer \alley was significantly higher compared 10 other area (1.5%). Sex on the other hand seems to have no impact on the effect of lantana poisoning in the study area The expenmental tnal involves t\\O artificially challenged e'\perimental groups. each \\ nh ~t'\ en sheep and ten goats and matched control group \>, ilhout exposurc. The trial demonmaled that lantana species prcvailing in the area are 10'\IC 10 sheep and goat at a dose rale of 4ng kg hod) \\ eight. Cl1I1icai signs mamfested by e'\penmentall~ mtoxlcated pOisoned sheep and goats mclude depreSSIOn, decrease appetite ... !J.:jC rumen. jaundice. photosensitization. and dehydration \\ Ilh firm dI)' feces and or diarrhea \\ IIh deep yello\\ color unne The chnical symptoms and post monem lesions dJagnosed at field dunng clinical sun e) were quite similar to signs exhibited b~ experimentally intoxicated ~(,ats. The only e\ceptlon \\as secondary complication thai usually masks the pnmar;. ColU,.e m naturally mto,\lcatcd goats. This stud) has demonstrated th:11 lamana has been spread 109 and mfestlllg the \ asl area of t'astem highland From tht' sIud: area alone. aboul IO:!500 hectares of bush and shrub .. land \\ere mfestcd. Ho\\c\cr. '101 Jl a .. pecl:i of lantana are harmful: II sencs a~ a sou ret: of firewood. sen es a!o. mcolc·1Jl r1:.;.nl. for cleanmg pla ... tlc C3ns. and to build fence .. around raml boundanes and encampments. In any case. the haml''' Ihat 13r;t<1n3 mfestatlon cntall..., olll\\elgh Its beneficial trall~ . rhe communi!) is c\.peclt'd tl.: 3C\,:c-r: thl~ fact and commll thelf to manage and control lantana from mfe ... tlng nc\\ area.



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