Care and support and people living with HIV and AIDS at Holy water: An assessment at four selected sites in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The world at large, with various social and health problems is demanding remedies that would help improve the lives of citizens. HIV/AIDS being one of the greatest challenges of this century compels nations to respond to the situation in whatever way is possible. This assessment is done in a way to look for alternative response mechanisms to HIV/AIDS that could in the long run be complemented and integrated to the widely known bio-medical approach of HIV treatments. The selected four holy water sites could show the need to search for other cultural or alternative ways of responses being utilized by individuals to counter act the effect of the epidemic. By applying mainly in-depth interview and other forms of interviews, the assessment tried to identify various issues such as attitude and experience of PLWHAs using the holy water and other spiritual treatments as well as anti-HIV/AIDS drugs. In addition, the various needs and problems associated with the PLWHAs and the system at the sites are assessed. Holy water use in the form of drink and shower is the main treatment used by the PLWHAs together with other spiritual practices. And people in most cases are in need of compromising the spiritual practices together with the medical knowledge through counseling or other models, which are not available, let alone to access and utilize. At the same time due to the widespread poverty, this section of the population is also affected very much. Fulfilling basic needs is difficult to most of them. In addition the social isolation from their families relatives and friends is very common to the majority to these communities



Social Work