Determination of Mercury in the Soils from Adolla (Shakiso) of Gold Mining Area, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Mercury and its compounds are cumulative toxins and hazardous to human and animal health in the ecosystem. The toxicity of mercury in the soil depends on its oxidation states. So, the major effects of mercury poisoning manifest as neurological and renal disturbances as it can easily pass to the blood and damage the functions of brain, liver and kidney. Some of the common sources of mercury found in the environment are natural and anthropogenic sources. The concentration of mercury in soil samples used in the Adolla gold mining of Shakiso in Guji zone, Ethiopia was determined using Microwave plasma -atomic emission spectroscopy instrument. The result obtained revealed that the concentration of mercury is 0.111 mg/kg in the soil. So, the level of contamination of soils by mercury is high at present. As a result, the soil is polluted and toxic due to mercury.



Determination, Mercury in the Soils from Adolla (Shakiso), Gold Mining Area, Ethiopia