Development in Addis Ababa City Administration the Relationship Between Basketball Federation and Coaches, Coaches and Players and; Players with Players and its Contribution for Basketball

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was to assess and investigate the relationship between coaches and federation, coaches and players and among players and suggest how to develop interaction in between them and its importance for Basketball development in Addis Ababa city administration. The researcher motivates to conduct his study on Coach -Federation and coach-player relationship because relationship is considered as one of the main determinant factor for Basketball development. Coaches, federation workers and three clubs form female, four from first division men and two from second division men of each six players were the participants if the study. They were selected by using simple random and stratified sampling methods. The major instruments in this study were questionnaire, interview, document Analysis and field observation. The findings of the study related to the interpersonal relationships among players of the team indicated that, 52% of the players’ responded that there is a mutual respect and were made freely communicate and take responsibilities about each other and with the coaches. 88% of the Federation workers replied that there is no smooth relationship in between Basketball Coaches and Basketball federation; because coaches don’t have any benefit that provided from the federation except the upgrade training that is given by the help of the federation. In general, the study confirmed that 88% of Basketball coaches have no good relationship with the Federation and; where as 58% of the Coaches have mutual respect with the players, which indicate that there is mutual respecting between majority of the coaches and players. Key Words: Working jointly, Interpersonal relationships, Team cohesion, Role, Human relationship, Interaction and Closeness



Working jointly; Interpersonal relationships; Team cohesion; Role; Human relationship; Interaction and Closeness