An Ethiopian Studies Resource Centre: A Feasibility Study

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Addis Ababa University


"Ethiopian Studies" is an area study. "Area study" is a field of study that falls within the scope of a group of studies known as Entity studies which are trans- or multi-disciplinary in scope. What makes information provision to researchers of area studies challenging is that an information system supporting area studies should be able to assist a researcher in a particular aspect of an area e. g. languages of Ethiopia, find information, data and materials pertinent to such a study from those of specialists in other fields, e.g. studies in Ethiopian literature, studies in interregional migration, etc. An information system, in an effort to meet the challenges, should develop tools, such as, specialized indexes, seepage studies, etc., which can show such interdisciplinary links, between the research done in different fields or from different points of view. Databases of different types of records of, for example, bibliographic, profiles of experts, of institutions, ongoing research, artifacts and museum objects are also necessary. Such an information system can enhance contacts among researchers, research institutes, etc. In An Ethiopian Studies Resource Centre: A Feasibility Study itches way, the system can also assist in the organization of research on the entity/area. This study attempts to make a feasibility study and propose a plan for implementing an Ethiopian studies Resource center equipped with the necessary resources and information and capable of providing efficient services to researchers/students of Ethiopian Studies as mentioned above. Prototype databases consisting of bibliographic records, records of museum objects, no book materials, profiles of experts/researchers, research serials, projects, institutions, information systems and databases have been designed to demonstrate generation of information services and products.



An Ethiopian Studies Resource Centre