Problems of Admission and Placement of High School Leavers into the Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study of Three Faculties of Education

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study is to assess the problems in the admission and placement process of high school leavers into the higher education institutions in the jield of teacher education. To achieve this purpose, basic questions concerning the admission and placement process were raised. The study was conducted in selected three Higher Education Institutions which lrain high school teachers. The sources of data are 126 academic administrative staff memhers and instructors and ./5./ students and one acting department head. (jlleslionnaires, interviews and document analysis were the instruments used to collect data .fi)f' the study. The data obtained are analyzed using percentage, ./i'equency distrilmtion and simple correlations and regressions. Based on the analysis made the .liJllowing major findings are ohtained. Dlle 10 the nature of the exam and lack of proper management ESLCE alone is not a good instrument to select competent high school leavers into the teacher education proxmnlme. HiXh school leavers are assigned to different institlllions using talent distribution .Iystem hIli the placement of./i'eshmen stlldents into different Faculities is based on academic achievement ond interest. Both types of systems contmdict each other and os 0 reslllt hOlh Edllcation Faculities and stlldents get 110 advantage. DlIe to lack of .I'ludents' illlere.I·1 ami {({lent and ability, the altrition mte is high in Edllcatioll Faculitie.l'. Admitillg females and other high school lea vel's ./i'om the Developillg Regions (Afar, Beneshanglll, Gambela, Somalia) into the Higher Education Institutions with lower ESLCE-GPA helps to promote their ellrolll1lellt only atfreshman programme. Since no tlilorial classes and other special supports are given in the Educmion Faclliities the prohahility of aliI' it ion rate is highfor these stlldents. !eucher education is the least favored programme in all institutiol/s. 771e allitllde of xreallJlajorilY oistudellts towards education programme is low alld Ihll.I' Ihe majority of Ihem want 10 change theirfield.l· ofstlldy. flused Oil thejilldings ohtained the following recommendations are provided: Olle o/the preconditiolls 10 gel cOlnpetenl and qualified high school teachers is 10 make Ihe leaching profession attractive. This needs improving of teachers evaluCllion system (/lId payment of hardship and housing allowancesfor remote and mral areas. SltldelllS IIIO/il" he successjiil if they are assigned on the basis of Iheir illterests and /(I!el1ls, so that enttwlce examillCllions alld interviews are good inSlmments to idellli./ji e!igih/e candidates. ESlahlishl11el1l of preparCllO/y schoo!s he!p to collect potenlial studellis ./i'om the high schools alld each higher educa/ioll institution has to organize strengthened guidance alld cOlIIlseling services to help illdividual studems to cope up their persollal and p.lychological problems.