Assessment of Project Management Maturity on Implementing E-Banking Technology: case study Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


manage project. The practice of project management has to be improved to realize its benefits. The main objective of this research project was to assess the project management maturity level of PMO for the successful implementation and contribution on e-banking technologies in CBE. According to the given theories and literature of the maturity assessment that was based on a five level project management maturity model devised by PM Solutions, for assessing the project management practice of the projects nine knowledge areas were selected from the project management body of knowledge guide. The research employed mixed research method and descriptive analyses to realize the purpose of the study. Hence, a questionnaire was devised based on reviewed literature to assess the practice of the knowledge areas. According to the result of the research, it was concluded that most of the knowledge areas were being practiced informally. The maximum level obtained was maturity level three assessed on two knowledge areas (project cost management and project human resource management). Five knowledge areas (project time management, project quality management, project communication management, project risk management and project stakeholder management) had a maturity level of two and the remaining two areas (project scope management and project procurement management) had the lowest maturity level (level one). Lack of proper integration of practices with project management practice has lowered the maturity level of the project management practice at the bank and also leads to its lowest contribution to the successful implementation of e-banking projects even though they have positive relationship. So developing and practicing project management knowledge areas; devising procedure; carefully collecting, compiling and disseminating lessons learned from past project implementation; creating project management standards; and creating awareness among all stakeholders towards projects; strengthening the PMO’s human and other resources; and providing trainings in this field have been recommended as a means of improving project management maturity in e-banking technologies so as to practicing and attaining higher project management maturity.



project management, project management maturity, project implementation, e-banking technology