The Causes for Students’ Drop out in Government Secondary Schools in Gambella Town

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes for students’ drop out in Government Secondary Schools in Gambella Town. To this end, descriptive Survey Design was used. Primary Sources of data were Teachers, Principals and PTA. Secondary Sources were relevant policy documents and School records. A total of 44 respondents were used in study. Simple random, cluster and purposive Sampling techniques were used. Data collection tools were Questionnaires, Interviews and Document Analysis. The data analysis led to the following major findings: the study revealed that 6(40%) of Students respondent strongly agreed on the influence of early married in students drop out, 3(20%) undecided 1(6.7%) disagreed. Based on the findings it was concluded that majority of students drop out from school because of early married practiced by young people. Finally, the following recommendations were forwarded: recruiting more teachers, improving quality of education, creating open discussion with community, organization of funding projects for economically poor students, and creating job opportunities.