Assessment of Service Quality and its Effect on Customer Satisfaction on Private Wing Setup Service of Ras Desta Damtew Memorial Hospital and Menilik II General and Referral Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of the study was to assess the service quality dimensions that affects patient satisfaction and assess the level of patient satisfaction on service quality of private wings setup of Ras Desta Damtew Memorial Hospital and Menilik II General and Referral Hospitals. To this purpose the researcher has studied the service quality of the private wing service of the hospitals using SERVQUAL model. The research uses quantitative method with the nature of both descriptive and correlational andconvenience sampling technique was used in the study to take a sample from the population. A total sample of 190 who have taken a medical service in both Ras Desta Damtew Memorial Hospital and Menilik II General and Referral Hospitals were taken as a respondent. A questionnaire was designed based on the SERVQUAL model in order to examine all five factors of service quality in the model and additional two factors namely waiting time and price. The research uses a non probability sampling technique which is convenient sampling. The analysis result showsassurance has the highest mean value with 4.16 valueand reliability and empathy followed with 3.97 and 3.9 mean value respectively. The independent variables reliability, responsiveness, empathy and waiting time has strong relationship among variables and tangibles and price has moderate relationship and assurance has weak relationships among variables. With the result of regression analysis reliability, responsiveness, empathy, waiting time and price has impact on customer satisfaction however assurance and tangibility has negative impact on the patient satisfaction with the negative value of -0.210 and -0.034. As a result the researcher hypothesis H1, H2, H3, H4, and H6 has accepted because it haspositively related and has a significant impact on patient satisfaction, however, H5 and H7 has been rejected because even if it is positively related, it has no significant impact on patient satisfaction.Finally researcher recommended that since responsiveness, tangibles and waiting time dimensions has a lower mean value; hospitals shall improve the above areas to boost customer satisfaction



satisfaction, service quality dimensions, SERVQUAL