Effect of Advertising Effectiveness on Members Satisfaction: The Case of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange

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Addis Ababa University


In the entire world every organization has its own advertising objective, increase sales and market share, build customer relationship and brand image. The aim of this study is to find out the effect of advertising effectiveness on member’s satisfaction in Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. The active role of the members in determining the effects of advertising has important implications for how the effects and effectiveness of advertising on member satisfaction are measured and how various measures are interpreted. The research design adopted was cross sectional descriptive design. The population of the study comprised of ECX members from various regions. The study used primary and secondary data which was collected using self-administered questionnaires. The data collected was analysed using statistical package for social sciences and presented in tables. The study found out ECX uses informative advertisement that helps the company by creating awareness for members about the trading products and services but also serves as a useful vehicle in building brand image of the company and its services offered to the target market. Advertising influences member satisfaction as it enables the company to enhance the commodity market of products, increase volume of sales in the country, increase the profits of traders and enhance the organizational relationship with its members. This study examined the relationship between advertising reliability, timeliness, frequency and accuracy with member satisfaction. The result of this study is based on data gathered through questioner from 181 members. The study found that the relationship between advertising timeliness, frequency and accuracy have a significant positive influence on member satisfaction, whereas advertising reliability has positive but without statistical significance.



Advertising, Member Satisfaction, Reliability