Assessment of Success Factors in Development Projects in the Case of Energizing Development (Endev) Ethiopia

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Researchers have identified various success factors that determine the success of projects at different times and most conclusions are that no standard prescription works for all projects. Factors may depend on the nature of the project and the environmental and cultural aspects in which the project is implemented. The objective of this study was to assess the success factors of development projects and analyze their level of contribution to the success of the project in the implementation phase of the project life cycle by taking the case of Energizing Development (EnDev) Ethiopia. The Programme has been running since 2009 and a significant amount of fund has been spent to achieve its objectives. Evidence show that the project is not achieving its target and there are cost and budget overruns as well as changes in the scope of the project during implementation. The research used descriptive research design and applied primary data for the conduct of the research. These data were collected using a questionnaire and analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Success factors identified and tested in this study were the level of top management commitment, stakeholders and partners engagement, the competency of project staff, project communication, and availability of fund and their effect on the success of the project. These success factors have been identified to be tested because they are the widely recognized and accepted success factors according to Pinto and Slevin (1987), Khange and Moe’s (2008) and ofOori (2013) and relate closely to the peculiar characteristics of development projects. Accordingly, the results indicated that the commitment of top management, competency of staff, and the availability of fund are currently practiced in a good manner and contributing to the success of the project whereas the project has a lot to improve in the engagement of stakeholders and partners as well as internal and external communications in the implementation of the project. The study recommended that strategies need to be designed and implemented on engaging stakeholders and partners as well as improving the communication culture of the project.



Project success, stakeholder and partner engagement