The Impact of Design-Bid-Build Procurement Method on Performance of Public Building Construction project in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Occurrence of extensive delay and additional cost happen on construction projects were due to lack of availability of proper selection of project delivery methods made by project team members. For the project proposed, the project delivery chosen by a given client can affect the project performance outputs. This study sought the impact of DBB systems on project performance. Methodology used was questionnaires, interview and case study projects. The respondents were selected using purposive sampling. The result found that the selection criteria of procurement delivery system are identified and ranked namely certainty of final price, certainty of completion date, demand of quality, competition price, controllable variation, administration burden and risk allocation. In addition, currently there is lack of research in government building projects regarding impacts of DBB procurement system on project performance relative to DB. Thus, the comparison assessment undertaken between DBB and DB to recommends the better procurement system in government owned building projects of study area. A case study of both DBB and DB of public building projects in Addis Ababa were studied. The results shows that cost per m2 of design bid build(DBB) is higher than design build of building projects because the DB cost per m2 is reduced by maintaining lower initial contracted unit cost than DBB method. From analysis of case study projects, DB delivery system public building project are better than DBB building projects in terms of time and cost growth because DBB more subjected for design change, design error, variation order, error and discrepancies in design document and quantity increase which in turn causes cost and time overruns in public building project of study area. Therefore, it concludes that time and cost growth in design build is minimized than traditional design bid build of public building projects. It is recommended that client and other concerned bodies of stakeholders in the building construction project should be utilized and adopts alternative DB procurement methods to minimize the impact and problems of DBB procurement method on project performance.



Building Project, Design Bid Build Delivery Method, Project Performance