Improving the implementation status of nursing and midwifery care standard practice at medical, surgical and gynecology wards in dilchora hospital, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa Universty


Background: The nursing/midwifery care standard practice is the levels of safe and competent practice but, its implementation status is poor & inconsistent, particularly in developing countries. Similarly, the baseline assessment in this study at Dil chora hospital was poor. Thus, it was critically important to improve the implementation of the Nursing/midwifery care standard practice in Dil chora Hospital. Objectives: To improve the implementation status of Nursing /midwifery Care Standards from 48.2% to 73% in Medical, surgical & Gynecology wards of Dil chora Hospital, by the end of May 2018. Method: A facility based pre- post interventional study was conducted from March to May 2018 in Dil chora Hospital, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. The interventions include training of ward nurses; delegation of internal supportive supervision, strengthening nursing audit committee & facilitate to change the present nursing/midwifery process format with the new one. The same numbers of nurse/midwife participants (50 before & 50 after) and 80 medical cards (40 before & 40 after) were conducted by Simple random sampling method to compare the findings before & after interventions. The data were analyzed by using nursing/midwifery standard checklists. Result: Among the total 50 the same respondents (50 before & 50 after), mean age was 31.20 years (SD=5.338) and the implementation status of nursing/midwifery care standards was 25 (50.5%) in baseline 38 (76%) after-intervention. This change was statistically significant at (df =7, P ). Of the total of 80 medical card review documentation (before 40 & after 40) the implementation status of the standards in nursing/midwifery process & Medication administration record was 19 (47.5%) in baseline, 31 (77.5%) after-intervention. Conclusion and recommendation: The implementation status of the nursing /midwifery care standard practice is still below the expected criteria and it needs further intervention to increase its utilization. Knowledge, recognition & motivation are possible contributing factors for the improving of nursing/midwifery care standard practice those who are working at medical, surgical, & gynecology wards.



Nursing care, Nursing care standard, Nursing care standard practice.