Job Related Stress and Familial Relationship among Addis Ababa Police Commission Crime Prevention Officers

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted to determining major sources of police job related stress and its effects among police officers’ familial relationship. By its nature police job is accompany with cruelest, disruptive and distrustful aspects of the humanity on the customary bases along with poor organizational atmosphere, low personal income, family related prob-lems, poor social health and clearly bureaucratic nature of the organization. The descrip-tive survey supplemented with qualitative methods was used to examine possible sources of police job related stress and its effects in familial relationship. The study population (N=150) it comprises police officers from different genders and rank levels from Addis Ababa police commission crime prevention unit deployed in 6 areal community police stations in Nifes Silk Lafeto- sub-city. The findings shows that even though the officers had enormous sources of job related stress and the coping mechanism implemented to reduce the effects of job related stress in the familial relationship was poor; the familial relationship of officers was identified as doing well. Finally, different recommendations were forwarded by police seniors and by the police supervisors to the police commission in order to supply facilities which can aid officers to reduce job related stress and its ef-fects in the familial relationship.