Assessing Practice Of Risk Management In It Projects: The Case Of Ethiopian Airlines Digital Project Management Office

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this project work was to assess the practice risk management of IT projects in Ethiopian Airlines Digital Project Management Office (PMO) by examining risk management processes such as risk management planning, risk identification, risk response, and risk monitoring and control. Managing risks and preparing risk management plan will help the project to identify and estimate the level of the impact of the risk and help for prior preparation to risk impacts. The study applied descriptive research design and used both questionnaires and semi-structured interviews as an instrument to collect primary data, while project reports, risk register, and project plan were used as sources of secondary data. A mixed approach was used to answer the research questions. A Census survey was conducted to gather the data and questionnaire distributed through email from three departments with a population size of 54. Semi structure interview was employed for the project managers, department managers, and project team leaders and managers. Data were analyzed with the use of SPSS version 23 software using statistical tools of frequency, percentage, mean score, and standard deviation. The result summarized the analysis of risk management practice, risk planning, risk identification, risk analysis, risk response, and risk monitoring and controlling. The finding showed that the mean value for each risk management process was moderate. Most of the risk management practices were used with some differences between theoretical risk management and actual practice of risk management in the study area. Hence, the organization is expected to do more improvement to reach the benchmark best practice level.



Risk management, project Management digital, risk planning risk identification, risk analysis, risk response, risk monitoring and control.