Factors Affecting Effectiveness of Facility Management: In the Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Effective, Efficient and Comfortable working environment improves perceived satisfaction of facility users, their quality of work life and their wellbeing which in turn improves their performance to achieving organizational goals Thus, to gauge the effectiveness of facility management, it is necessary to reach an understanding of the current conditions of the facility and to postulate changes in facility management practices in order to achieve the desired performance. Therefore, this study intends to identify factors affecting effectiveness of facilities management in the case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Descriptive research method particularly survey design approach was adopted for the study. The survey was conducted with Head office staffs of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia using questionnaire. The study used a two stage disproportionate stratified random sampling technique to select 180 representative samples from the total population. A Balanced Score Card concept was used to determine the existing level of effectiveness of facilities management. With support of IBM SPSS 20, a descriptive statistical analysis was conducted to generate the results. The study findings show that Facility Management had not given due regard to cost effectiveness & quality in obtaining goods and services, it has no consistency in ensuring demand will be met satisfactorily and economically, it does not have a systematic measurement for its internal processes to check and ensure quality outputs, and it does not have a disciplined organizational learning system that effectively captures internal & external best practices & lessons learned from operations. This indicates that the current level of facility management is less effective when compared to where it supposed to be. According to this study findings, the most important issues in assessment of the level of effectiveness of existing facility management and determination of those factors affecting FM effectiveness is to streamline the root causes for this level of effectiveness. In this case findings suggest that Facility Management of CBE needs to control and properly manage these eight critical success factors such as:- Leadership, Facility Strategic & Operational Planning, Customer Focus, Process Management, Assessment & Information Analysis, and Development & Management of Human Resources, Performance Result and Supply Chain Management in way that the process improves its performance and get benefited through process efficiency & effectiveness



Effectiveness of Facility Management, Critical Success Factors, Balanced Score Card