Socioeconomic Benefits and Environmental Challenges of Rural Roads: A Case Study on Universal Rural Road Access Program (URRAP) in Waliso District, Oromia, Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa University


Ethiopia has been undertaking numerous development programs and projects with the objective of taking a country to the middle-income countries in the near future. Universal Rural Road Access Program (URRAP) roads being constructed in WalisoWoreda are among the projects in Ethiopia. Aim of this thesis was to examine the perceptions of the community on the socioeconomic benefit of the construction and upgrading of the URRAP road in Waliso district, Oromia region, Ethiopia. To accomplish the objective, the researcher employed descriptive research design. Both primary and secondary data sources were used. In line with this both qualitative and quantitative data type was employed. The study finds that development of the road has had various changes to the social, economic and environmental situation of the households and investors/ institutions located along the road. This changes have been mostly positive especially in reference to increased job opportunities and greater markets but found to be negative in reference to the environment and in specific vegetation and Animal and communities livelihoods. The study also found significant local differences of opinion regarding the various socioeconomic benefit and environmental impacts of the roads. Differences in opinion at a community level were based on the age, level of education, Occupation, distance as well as sex of the sample respondent. This study shows that perception of community in the study area was further development of road net work by increasing control and management to minimize its impact on environment. The study recommends the use of environmental impact assessments to be used to a greater extent before the commencement of such projects and monitoring done during the progress of road development projects to reduce loss of Vegetation, Animal and distraction of ecosystem. Government and Policy maker had to be give series attention for sustainable development. Further research is also recommended in the regulations pertaining to road development and preparation and use of environmental impact assessment.



access, accessibility, road, impacts, road development, socioeconomic, transport, road sector development, agricultural production, social service, market access