Assessment of Public Relations Practices at the Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to assess the public relation practices in Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs Office of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Moreover the study sought to assess how the activities of public relations are practiced, the significance of public relation in contributing to the ministry’s overall objectives and to identify the factors inhibiting and challenges of public relation practices. The study adopted mixed method research approach which is qualitative and quantitative. Open and closed ended questionnaires, unstructured in-depth interview and focus group discussions were data collection tools used to conduct the study. By conducting purposeful sampling 150 questionnaires, unstructured in-depth interview of 6 respondents and 6 focus group discussions were conducted and reflected their opinion. Frequency and percentage statistical techniques were used for quantitative data analysis by using SPSS statistical software. The outcome of the data analysis revealed that the practices of public relation in MWCY affair are limited to some activities of PR, the practitioners are perceived as the spy of government and neglected by employees of the ministry, the practitioners are delegated by the external line office of the government for political advantages without giving attention to the profession, skill and experience. The internal and external communications are very limited, there are misunderstanding of PR practice among the employees and the accessibility of PR tools that are mostly used by the ministry are found limited. Finally, the researcher recommended both short and long term major recommendations that are presented in order to improve the public relation practices of the ministry of women, children and youth affair of the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia.