E-Banking Service Quality of Ethiopian Banks

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The purpose of this study is to assess the quality of electronic banking services in Ethiopian banking industry. To conduct this study, the researcher collected data from the active electronic banking service users for the past consecutive two months. A mixed approach was used to answer the research questions that obtained from the existing literature and gathered data. A Purposive sampling technique was employed to recruit 150 of respondents representing the target criteria (age, duration of usage, and technology-know-how). The study statistically analyzed data obtained from respondents using SPSS version 20 (Statistical Package for Social Sciences). The electronic banking service was represented by security, system availability, ease of use, reliability and responsiveness. The result of the study indicates that a significant proportion of the sample respondents e-banking services like POS and Internet banking services potential were not adequately used by customers and the major problem that customers experienced on mobile banking was the lengthy steps in processing transactions. Based on the overall score value, it is possible to conclude that the Internet banking service, which was used by very small proportion of customers, was moderately satisfactory to the customers using the service. Finally, it is possible to suggest that serious measures has to be taken on the ICT and power supply infrastructure, as well as liberating network providers, banks updating their softwares and NBE re-establishing a legal framework on the usage of e-banking services. Last but not least, the National Bank of Ethiopia as the regulatory body of the financial sectors of the country, together with the banking sector stakeholders has to enforce banks to update and modernize their technology in order to satisfy the users of the electronic banking.



Banking Industry, E-Banking, Service Quality